The Hands of An Old Acupuncture Doctor

We shape our lives with our hands, and our hands are shaped by our lives.  In these photos I’ve tried to capture a glimpse into the spirit of a man who has used his hands for six decades to learn and to heal.  The world over he is considered a master acupuncturist, a tireless researcher, and a deeply influential teacher.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dr. Wang Ju-Yi.

P1000621 P1000793 P1000716P1000802P1000756P1000755P1010158P1000975P1010094P1010136P1000969P1000842

3 responses to “The Hands of An Old Acupuncture Doctor

  1. These photos are beautiful. I studied with Dr Wang last year and marveled at how relaxed and comfortable his hands always seemed, how they seemed to have an intelligence of their own as he worked.

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